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Our 8 1/2 month old male is growing up wonderfully, but really could use some doggy compnionship, and there is none in the neighborhood. One solution is to add a female boxer to the mix - probably a puppy about the same age. How much more work is it when you have two? I realize there is more food, more mess, more drool, but do they entertain each other enough to balance out the extra time required for the second dog?


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Please use the search feature, many, many threads discuss this topic

to sum it up:

its double the work, food, time (one on one training) double the vet bills, double the cost of heartworm preventive and flea/tick preventive.

but you get 10x the love and amusement back. Our three have provided more joy and laughs than I could have ever imagined.


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The only downfall to having more than one is that the intimate relationship
between yourself and the first baby changes a little. However, if you spend quality time with each one, that helps. Also, if they don't walk on-leash well together, it takes twice as long to walk them because you have to take them out separately. Mine want to play-fight when they get outside on-leash and get all tangled up, making me look like an idiot. If you're good at training, I'd say, go for it. They have a ball together!

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Also, if they don't walk on-leash well together, it takes twice as long to walk them because you have to take them out separately. Mine want to play-fight when they get outside on-leash and get all tangled up, making me look like an idiot.


I'm sorry to laugh but I'm just picturing this. 1CRAZYBXRLVR, have you tried a Coupler? I bought one and it's wonderful! From the suggestion of a local BW member, I tried it. At 1st my girls didn't know what to think but they walk GREAT with it. When my husband isn't home and I want to take both of them for a walk, I put the coupler on.

Regarding getting a 2nd'll have no regrets. Both my husband and I are so happy we rescued Gia. Kali does not require no where near as much attention from me. I also thought they would play constantly, but they don't. They play but they also relax and aren't as nutso. Yes, the vet bills can be a headache (Gia had a respiratory infection when we adopted her), but we are so pleased with our decision. Also, do a search, it will be helpful for you. Good Luck!


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It was the best thing we ever did. We got a 7.5 week old female when our male was around 7 months. The first two months were H@!! but after that it's been a breeze. Definately much more expensive, but as far as the actual "work" involved, we haven't found it much different. And they LOVE one another SO much. It's hard to remember what Jake was like before Ellie. They fight (playing) ALL day long. She steals all the toys and he whines b/c he wants them back (He's twice her size). Then at night when we all go to bed, he gives her a bath, it's the cutest thing ever. And he curls up on top him for her naps. The joy outweighs the work by far. Be careful though, they are like an addiction. I find myself looking for another one now and then and then I remember that I'm not made of money.


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we just adopted Jezze a few weeks ago to give Bodie a friend. We took Bodie to meet Jezze at her house (a must to determine compatability) and it was love at first sight. Now they go everywhere together, sleep on each other, and the funniest thing....they make out together for housr on end. I mean litteraly, sit nose to nose and lick each other for hours. The a round of play starts where Bodie lies on his back and Jezze stands over him making her chewbacca sounds (Bodie hasn't made them yet), then it is back to makin out. The only thing that interrupts this is food, treats or another dog friend coming to visit. Even when they are outside, the same ritual takes place. We couldn't be happier since we got Jezze and we don't worry about our relationship changing with Bodie. When they aren't playing together, one will sit on my lap and the other on Salena's lap. However, we do have numerous pictures of me in my recliner, Bodie on my lap and Jezze on top of Bodie. This has become a nightly ritual lately. Will post soon, when I get my gallery up and going.


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Whats the deal with dogs making out?

We have three furkids (one boxer, two mutts). I wouldn't have it any other way, however the making out thing is really strange. My oldest girl, bonzai, wasn't too keen on the boxer baby when we brought him home. Eventually she learned to like him alright and now that he's a year old they're making out everytime i turn around.

Does anyone know what this is about? Is it just them smoochin' like i do with my boyfriend or is there some special doggie thing going on here.

As for getting a second boxer: I would totally do it if you can afford it and have the time for training on the newbie. Once you put in the intial training, its really not much more work and I feel most dogs do better with a doggie buddy. And when I'm tired and dont' feel like playing my babies have other options that don't involve me.


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Is your male neutered? That should be a consideration as well as the cost of spaying a new female. It is more costly with the two but everyone is right you get 10x the puppy love!

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We got our Skye last year and now he's 7 mos old. Boo IS IN LOVE with him. She has never been happier and she was a lousy only dog--very whiny and bored if you didn't play with her all the time. It's more expensive, but now that the puppy vet bills (shots, neutering etc) are out of the way, it's not so bad. As far as my relationship with Boo, she's still very much a people dog and comes to us for our hugs. But now we have Skye too.

Life is never dull for anyone. Skye is worth his weight in gold.lovicon
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