Another Bank Dilema (LONG)

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Okay guys, I just want to vent...

As I have said before, we moved from 2 1/4 acres to a 1/4 acre when the kids were babies so that our finances would be easier and I could stay home with them. Unfortunately, we can not become accustomed to having neighbors sooooo close. Let me give you an example. On Sunday, I leave for work at 3:15. My wonderful husband thought he would use his time wisely, he took the kids and Cooper into the back yard. The kids and Coop started playing and he began to stain the wooden steps and railing that lead to the patio from the kitchen. He just started to put the stain on when two sets of neighbors with their kids let them selves into the gate the kids run and play and then the parents ask if it's okay if they are there. Then the kids realize that Cooper is out and they sort of freak and the parents ask if Matt can put him away! Matt explains that the steps are wet with stain and that no, he can not put Cooper away. So the parents say maybe it's not a good time to play...Duh! They leave. Of course all of the children are upset at this point because they all enjoy playing in our backyard because my Mr. Handyman husband has made it playland. We have a neat playhouse that matches our house (with a kitchen and workbench) and a wooden swingset and the garden pond with fish and frogs. Unfortunately, my husband looks like the bad guy. I've gone off on a tangent as usual...

About the bank. We have a row of tall pine trees across our back and the neighbors directly next to us. These are the only lots in the development that have any trees and that is why we both picked these lots. In the mean time, the property behind our homes was re-zoned and a bank from Baltimore city purchased it. We went to all of the meetings about it but as usual in our county everything is a done deal before you even hear about it (sorry I'm cynical about this). So the bank agreed to leave the trees as a landscape buffer, thank goodness, or so I thought. Over the past week, they have cut the lower brances up about 15 feet on their side and then cut away at the soil down 4-5 feet and with in 3 feet of the trunk on the bank side. I really see no way these trees are going to make it. They only have a root system now on our side. I feel so defeated. I have tried to keep the lines of communication open with the bank and I've always been pleasant. I feel you usually get more done when your nice but it's not working. I'm not only worried about the trees dying but about them falling into our yard during a storm and also the 24 hour lights in the parking lot. I know all of this is going to severly hurt our resale value. I REALLY want to move now! Okay, thanks for letting me get that off my chest...I feel better! :D

robyn, you have my sympathy. I just moved from 52 acres down to 1/2 acre lot. I have neighbors on 2 sides of me.the one neighbor is awesome, infact her daughter comes down everyweekend and brings Lacies new best friend Pupper to play. My other neighbor is HORRIBLE (thank god, they are trying to sell) they hate dogs. We have a leash law in this little community, but if you are on your owne lot your dog does NOT have to be leashed. so whenever we are in the back yard playing with Lacie the neighbor will holler at me...... "your dog is NOT on a leash" and I will nicely say "she does not have to be, we are on our property". I ended up contacting our association president to make sure Im in the right and she assured me that I am and not to worry about this lady. Also Im the only ONE who when Im out walking on the street, keeps Lacie ON a leash.all the other dog owners just carry the leash. But the more people I meet the more dog owners I find and I am glad to say we are defiently the majority here. I think I would call the neighbor and invite the kids over to play. That is what I have done and so far they all have finally seemed to get the message,that their kids can only come over to play IF I invite them.Sorry I rambled so much.

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Cindy, your one neighbor does sound horrible! My neighbors are very nice and I think we are just spoiled with Callie and Cole because they are twins, they always have each other and a playmate. We do get together with the neighbors almost everyday because we all have children in the same age group. It's just sometimes it is not convienient to play and I'm sure they feel that way too. But of course, once the kids are already playing it is sort of too late to ask if it is a good time to play :) . It would have been fine with Matt if they played although he could not put Cooper away (unless he stopped what he was doing and walked around front with him, but once he's on a roll...)and he would have not been able to chit chat because he was busy. I hope I did not come across as an anti-social pyscho! :D I'm really not! :)
No Robyn, you don't come across as an anti-social psycho!!!!
We too are soon moving to a house with 1/4 acre. It will be a wonderful change from the apartment. What with the baby coming and Draco needing more space. Moreover we always have guests in the house ( at least quite often). This house is big enough to fit in a lot of people--it has 4 bedrooms.By the way Robyn, where is exactly Bel-Air. My brother stays in it close by?
Cindy, you neighbour sounds mean. I haven't yet met our neighbours.

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Thanks Juno! :D We also like to entertain and do so quite often. And as a matter of fact, I like our backyard better at this house, it has a cozy feeling with the trees and the picket fence, but sometimes when you want "family time" in the back yard, it's almost impossible because you AlWAYS have the neighbors and I have a hard time saying no. One of my good friends always teases me about going to asserative training! :D

About you are so excited about the move. Also, Rockville is quite a bit away. We pass there when we go to my brother in law's house in Northern VA. I'm guessing it is about 1 45 min. or so.


Hey Robyn!!

I can't believe they're building a bank behind your house. That's crazy.

I love your house, and yes your yard is very cute!!

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What a shame Robyn! About the tress - is there any chance the bank would pay for a tree doctor to look at them? If they do pose a threat - and it sounds like they do - then maybe the bank could help take them down and replace them with something else or perhaps pay to save them? I can appreciate your worry about them coming down in a storm. Hang in there :)

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Hi Robyn,
I can sympthize with you on the adjustment to having neighbours close by. We used to live outside of town on a 1 acre lot. We were surrounded by farmers fields, and our neighbours were not close enough to make you feel like they lived in your back yard. We had to sell when our son went off to college and move into the city. Two months before our son left for college, the company my husband worked for declared bankruptcy. With only my income I could not afford the house and keep our son in Toronto. It was decided we would sell, and he would go to college. We have neighbours surrounding our whole backyard now. Even though we don't have any little kids, the neighbourhood kids all want to come into our yard and play with Buddy. Although it has been 6 years since we left our other house, we still feel invaded at times when we go outside.

Regarding your trees, isn't their any bylaws that require a permit to cut down trees? Here in our fair city, should we want to remove a tree on our property we have to have a permit. When someone applies for the permit the neighbours have a chance to put in their two cents if they want. I think I would go to the bank and express your concerns and see if they can provide you with an alternate type of privacy barrier. Good Luck!


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