An early fostering story.

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This is a story about how my parents and subsequently me and my sister became involved with boxers.

My father joined the army then was selected to join the military police. In the early fifties he left the army and joined the civillian police force.
In those days there were not many animal shelters about, dogs tended to run free anyway so it was a problem when well meaning people brought stray dogs into the police station. They were kept in the police kennels but if not claimed within 7 days they were put to sleep.
My dad was a very tough discipliarian at home and in his work but he hated having to take these dogs to be put to sleep. In those days it wasn't by injection, my dad had to watch whilst they were stood in water and electrocuted.
Thankfully it was not a regular occurence. Sometimes he admitted that he simply let the dogs go, hoping they would find their way home. Puppies though were different and suddenly my mum found herself being a foster mum as dad brought the occasional one home. We always found homes for them.
The day came when dad brought a 5 month old fawn boxer pup home, she never left. It was unusual as she was a nightmare, completely wild, a total Houdini who could escape frrom any restraints. Every time she got out she would eventually come home with some offering. 3 dead chickens, bars of soap and numerous packs of bacon. Never did we find out where she got them from.
She unfortunately died at the early age of five due to kidney failure. She left such a legacy though, there would never be another breed of dog for my parents.

Four gorgeous boxers later and now in their seventies they knew they could not take on another. Never did they have one as wild as Sheena, she must have been sent on purpose to test them.

They now love their role as grandparents to the siblings they bought for me and my sister, Monty and Sophie.

I just thought you might enjoy this early fostering story which led to my patents being totally committed to the boxer breed.


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early fosters

What a lovely story! It is odd sometimes how things can move through our lives to enrich and encourage. I applaud your parents and your family for giving back to a wonderful breed as much as they give us.


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First Impressions

I remember the first time I crossed paths with the Boxer Breed. I was at the grocery store with my mother. We were loading the grocery's in the car. I guy in a truck pullls up with three Boxers in the back of his truck. He jumped out and said STAY. They stood like statues until he returned. Everyone stood still and watched with amazement. I said to myself, Oneday I will have a Boxer. Then oneday a few years later I saw one roaming down a street. I stoped and she jumped right in the car. She had a tag and I returned her to her home. Her owner was in tears like she had almost lost her child. I knew then it wouldn't be much longer before I had a Boxer of my own.:D
Thank You for the story!
Staci J.
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