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I know this has probably been posted before but I have to ask again.

1.How old is your dog/dogs?
2.How big is your dog/dogs?
3.How much do you feed your dog/dogs?
4.How often fo you feed yourdog/dogs?
5.What kind of food do you feed your dog/dogs?

I am worried that I am not feeding maxiene and draico enough.
When I first got her I just left food down all the time.She is kinda on the skinny side.I can count her ribs through her skin.It feels like there isnt anything between the skin and bone.I have started feeding her 2 cups of dry food mixed in with 1 half moist food twice a day.Draico on the other hand only eats like maybe a third cup dry and couple spoons moist three times a day.
Am I feeding too much or not enough.I want to do good for my babies.Thanks guys.


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Originally posted by Bluerose
I know this has probably been posted before but I have to ask again.

1.How old is your dog/dogs?
2.How big is your dog/dogs?
3.How much do you feed your dog/dogs?
4.How often fo you feed yourdog/dogs?
5.What kind of food do you feed your dog/dogs?

Baxter turned 4 on Aug 7.
He is 25" high and 25" long and weights 78#
He eats 2 cups dry & 3 TBLS canned
Twice a day approx. 6am & 6pm
He eats Nutro Natural Lamb & Rice and likes America's Choice Chopped Chicken canned


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I know how you feel, Bluerose. Our Boxer is a skinny little guy, too. If it helps, the first Boxer I owned was also a runty little thing, but as the years passed he really filled out. I guess it's true that Boxers take longer than some other breeds to mature fully. In answer to your question:

1. Riley is 5 1/2 months old.
2. He stands about 19" and weighs 35 lbs
3/4. He gets 2 cups of dry food twice a day.
5. We feed him a combination of Nutro Puppy Max and Canidae; will eventually feed him only Canidae, which is what our Labrador gets. If Riley is feeling finicky, I'll mix a little grated cheddar cheese in with his dry food. Loves it!


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Boxer pups will look thin for a while. They seem to grow in spurts and different sections of their little bodies grow in some sort of order. I just noticed the other day that Maggie, who always looked very thin and long, was filling out. I can no longer see all of her ribs and her back is getting a little more broad. Maggie is just 1 year old, so I think she also has another growth spurt in her. She's still a little long for her height. It is my understanding that at about 18 months they go through another growth period.

I use the dog food package feeding guidlines as "guidelines" for how much to feed. Pups can be finiky eaters so, it doesn't always hold true. But on a general basis, I have used the amounts suggested for dogs that are the age and weight of mine. I notice also that Susie has put on a little weight (she's a very tiny little boxer girl) since I've had her with me. I'm gonna have to watch and see that she doesn't start gaining too much and become a real porker!!

If you feed the "recommended" amount, and the dog doesn't eat it all on a consistent basis, then try feeding a little less. All dogs have different appetites. The only REAL way to tell if your pup is growing and gaining weight is to weigh it regularly. I think that even if you don't SEE growth always, you will know that the dog is growing because there is weight gain. The first place a dog grows is his bones, and you can't really "see" that on the dog.

But to answer your questions:

Maggie (1 year) Susie (2 years)
Maggie 55 lbs. Susie 52 lbs.
Each get 3 cups per day
Three times a day
I feed my dogs Innova Dog food

Hope this helps.


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Gidget is 4 1/2 months old. Weighs about 22#s,16 inches tall at the shoulder I feed 2 cups dry with cottage cheese mixed in. I feed Nutro puppy Max I also feel that Gidget is on the small side but she is healthy and growing. Bright eyes, very shiny coat and lots of energy.:)
Brutus is 2, weighs about 75-80 lbs and is 27 inches tall. He eats Precise Plus and eats 3 cups per day.

Amaya is 1 1/2 and is 50 lbs. She is eating Hill Sensitive Stomach and getting 3 cups a day as well. A lot depends on the type of food (notice for her weight Amaya is getting more food).

I feed three times a day since we crate the dogs and felt they needed a lunch break.

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How much food

Brutus is 7 years old, 82lbs, eats 4/5 cups of Eukunoba coat & skin formula, at will. He has a few mouthfulls in the morning, a few mouthfulls at lunch time and cleans his plate at night.

Remus is 6.5 months old, 55lbs, eats same as Brutus.

Niether are fat.


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1.Leena is 8 months and Mason is about 2 years.
2.Leena was 42 lbs. in June and Mason is 57lbs.
3.They each get 3 cups of food with warm water poured over it.
4.Twice a day, 7 & 7.
5.Purina puppy(Large Breed)& Purina Dog chow.


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1. Chopper will be 9 months old on the 18th
2. He weighs 58 pounds
3. I just leave a bowl of food out at all times. If he is hungry he will eat. He also sometimes gets scraps.
4. I feed him Iams Large Breed Puppy Food.


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Cassius is 3 1/2 years old he eats 2 cups of dry food with 2 tablespoons of gravy mixed in once a day at about 1 or 2 pm, with a few biscuts mixed in he is 90 pounds and very tall he eat Pedigree dog food.
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