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LOL.. this year I wasn't even brave enough to even put up a tree.. My dogs a holy terrors smashicon Harley - Last year tore down my tree several times just playing with my beagle.. Now this year I said that wasnt gonna happen.. So I had a small xmas tree that could stand on an end table.. so the dogs couldn't get at it.. Maybe next year things will be different


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Our inside decorations came down on the 27th, the tree came down on the 28th, we had a bad one this year and it was very brown. Every time I walked by it needles fell off so I said enough! Most of our outside stuff came down on the 31st and the rest of it came down today. Christmas is over :( !

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Originally posted by Billysmum
[BAny ideas what I can do with all the Christmas cards? It seems a shame to throw them away.


I cut the pictures off the front of the pretty ones and use them next year as the little tags on gifts "To: Maria, Love Santa" etc. That is the best thing I can think of doing with them, I hate to throw things away.

We took the tree down today, the house looks empty now without it.


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Ours is comming down tomorrow, got all the boxes out now and everything. Last year I left a crank call on my brother-in-laws phone because it was April and his was still up..
"Hi , This is Jesus, Just called to say its time the lights came down outside, Thanks!"


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We must be the last

We put our tree and decorations up on the 15 Dec. and finally took them down on 9 Jan. Due to Robby being in the hospital all of Christmas week and us not having our "Family" Christmas until 30 Dec. we decided to keep Christmas going a little longer this season.


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We still have our Christmas decorations all up! We just have not been home any weekend since before Christmas. We are hoping to get it all down this weekend. If not we might as well leave it up until next year. LOL Can you tell we haven't got our boxer yet. This time next year I will probally be on here saying we took it down December 12 the day after we put it up. :LOL: :LOL:

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