Am I crazy?!

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It has been a crazy summer at our house this year, especially this week. Capone turned 3, we celebrated his 2 year adoption day as well and tomorrow we will be adopted a 3rd boxer. This is were I feel I'm going crazy lol. Her name is Hannah and she is 6 months old. If you don't know I work at a shelter and this little lady was signed over because her owner said she was very aggressive and bit him. I don't believe this for a second. Ever since she has been at the shelter she has been the sweetest little boxer to everyone. The shelter I work at doesn't adopt bite cases out so I decided to take her home. She is far to young and sweet to have her life ended at such a young age. We will be her 3rd home in 6 months. The 1st kept her in a crate all the time and decided they didn't have time for her. So she is coming home tomorrow. I am so excited and nervous all at once. 3 dogs! I have never had 3 dogs nor have I ever had a female anything. I'm sure everything will work out but I am also going to have 3 boxers under the age of 3. Wish me luck! I will post pics soon.


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Thank you for rescuing this sweet girl :) :) can't wait to see pictures. Good luck and keep us posted!

Ps: yes you are crazy but if dh would allow it I would have a third one, too :D


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We have three too!

Having three boxers is harder than just two, but it's worth it...especially to rescue one. I was very hesitant about getting a 3rd but my hubby found this sweet little 6 mth old guy online that he just had to rescue. It's been 2 yrs now and he's finally calmed down so we have some quiet time around the house again. But I can hardly remember what it was like with just two.

Good luck!


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Sorry if I am off topic, but I see that you are from Indiana and work in a shelter. I have almost 20 lb of costco dog food that we buy form Max, but he has a sensitive stomach so this food did not agree with him, I was thinking that maybe a shelter will take it, It seems a waste to just throw it away. Will your shelter take it? if yes where is located? if it close to Indy I'll dropped by.



Boxer Insane
I had three!(Just look at my avatar!) I do know it is my limit. My oldest had allergies and it was a full time job just keeping on top of those! All three were on different foods at one time too, which made feeding time more of an orchestration! :LOL: In the end I wouldn't have changed anything! There were times all three were running and chasing each other thru the house and all you could do was get out of the way and watch them go! (With a huge smile on your face!) I will say if you take you dogs with you often, if you don't have a SUV, get one! Three boxers in one backseat gets tight! Plus one doesn't get a window, how unfair is that? :)

Is it crazy? Absolutley! Is it worth it? Absolutely! Please post pics soon!


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I only have two and we joke about getting a 3rd (you never know). So glad you rescued this younger female and I look 4ward to your pics and all your stories about all 3 of them bonding 2gether.
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