Am I confusing my dog ?

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Boxer Pal
I have a 1 year old Brindle male. I named him Boaz and by definition means (Strenght is in him) I think it is a great name and very uncommon. He answers to Boaz and we also call him Bo for short. Is this a habit I my family and I should break now and call him Boaz, because I do not want him to get confused ?



Boxer Insane
This is just my opinion....I don't think that it would cause any confusion at all. Both names sound so much alike I don't think that he could tell the difference. My boy's name is Toby and we call him Tobs all the time. Now some members on here may beg to differ, but it's just an opinon :)


Boxer Insane
All four of my dogs each have several nicknames that they answer to. I don't think any of them are confused about who I am calling. I also use a different tone to each name, so I think the tone is what they really answer to. If I am real serious about calling them, I use their formal names and they come pretty quick! LOL


Completely Boxer Crazy
I think you're fine. Charlie answers to the following perfectly fine:
Sir Charles
Sir Nubs
Wiggle Nubbin
Baby Dog
Snuggle butt
Stink Butt
and last but not least Cdawg.

He also responds to Dog because my niece couldnt say his name for a while.

LOL. He has a few names.
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