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I was just wondering what allergies your boxer's I noticed my Molson was all broke out under his chin and on his chest, his diet hasn't changed but todaywas the first day he was introduced to freshly cut grass which he couldn't get enough of...I don't really think it's a food allergy so I was just wondering if any of your pups have environmental allergies?!?!?!

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Lola gets terrible itchy paws and smelly ears on chicken based kibble. Zeb doesn't have any allergies that we've discovered yet and Caspers only a pup so far so good.


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my girl, Peyton, has had seasonal allergies forever. she gets really watery eyes, sometimes breaks out in hives around freshly cut grass, but most of all itchy paws and licks them like crazy. i give her Benadryl twice a day which helps a great deal, as well as Benadryl spray, which I use for her paws.
Recently it's continued into the fall and winter months. Turns out that she has food allergies as well. Like the previous post, it's anything with chicken in it.It took months to figure out whether it was chicken, beef or corn. The bendadryl combined with a chicken-free diet has worked wonders. Hope this helps. Good luck!


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Yes, my baby has seasonal allergies too.......I give him Benedryl several times a day, but I will be speaking to my vet about other options....this year has been terrible with pollen......I have horrible allergies too....I get dr. told me not to go outside with fresh cut grass until after 3 hrs....I guess when all the pollen has settled back down?? anyhow, I figure it's the same with our fur babies....

peytonmonte-just a thought, but you mentioned figuring out whether it was your baby's food and one ingredient (corn) is not usually found in the higher quality dog, I was just wondering what you are feeding your baby.....I know before I found this website....I was feeding my boy (we got from the breeder)....a dog food that had corn in it....turned out he is allergic to both chicken and corn.......but from what I read on this website....I learned corn was in a lot of the lower quality dog foods because it is used as a filler food......just wondering if you were aware....I know we all want the best for our fur babies....
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