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I need help with an AKC name for my new puppy. We have decided to name him Zeus but it's been hard coming up with a good name. His parents are Recon Gerber and Gerber's Bella. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


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Viking lore is coming back at the moment and should be prevalent in naming soon. You may want to lookup Viking gods/heroes name sakes like, Loki.


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I did a search on the parents names thinking that perhaps the name Gerber was a kennel name. Unfortunately I didn't find anything. Doesn't seem as if either of the parents are championed?
If that is the case then I don't see why you would have to continue with the kennel name (if it were Gerber).
Something simple like Carolina's Mighty Zeus could work.
That being said there is nothing wrong with just having Zeus on the AKC papers. I've done it both ways. My first girl was from a BYB and even though they were AKC registered it really meant nothing. I didn't want to continue with their kennel name however it wasn't really a kennel name per say.
My current girl is from championed parents, grand parents, etc....as far back as the lineage is recorded. She does have the kennel in her name. It really means nothing to be honest! No one ever asks what her full name is. Just my opinion though.


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There is nothing wrong with just Zeus, or just the breeder's name and Zeus.
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