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I am now realizing that the ay my dog seems to want to play might be wrong ! My Aurora ( 7 1/2 months now ) seems to want to play really really ruff . She growls barks and even bites a little she has never gotten out of hand with it but i am thinking if i don't get the situation under controll it might get a little to carried away on her part . She responds really well when i tell her to stop , but , a few seconds later shes starts going at it again .How do i make her calm down but still let her have fun ??? I am also sure the fact that i wrestle around with her doesn't help to much either but it seems that she only seems really happy and playfull when we play like this what do i do ? I surely don't want her to stop having fun but i also don't want her to get mean ! Anyone got any advise ??


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I always play wild with my dogs: they growle, they bark, I growle, I bark, they don't bite but 'suck' on my arm, they jump, I do everything with them and vice versa as long as I want to. When I say 'stop' or 'ah' when they get to wild or get carried away they stop immediately (! even right in the middle of a jump)), because I learnt them that a long time ago when their teeth weren't so big :LOL: .I think that if you know you can get your dogs under control, you can wrestle and play wild but when you're not sure you better don't. (they might feel that you're not sure of yourself and try to continue the game..)
And when I say stop and they come back in five minutes I never start playing again, the game is finished and starts when I want to.
Some dogs aren't used to playing wild and they might get carried away and become really aggressive.
I know the difference between a real growl and a "play growl" from my dogs but some dogs don't pull the line between playing and real fighting because they weren't learnt to.
You have to decide how you play with them, my dogs love to fight with me (but make sure that you win more than the dog) but my dogs just are two little devils ;-)

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My 4 year old Kobo has been with me since she was a 12 week old puppy. I watched her play with her sisters and parents. I thought that they pplayed very rough given the noisy growls and stuff. But they were palying. She plays with my 16 year old son and our other male boxer in the same manner very noisy mouth around the arm etc., but no one gets hurt. All my wife or I have to say is "NO FIGHTING NO BITING" and the rough housing stops immediately.

You just have to teach your dog to stop when you want to stop.
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