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Aggression towards a particular dog (long)

Discussion in 'Behavioral Issues' started by pcaro, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. pcaro

    pcaro Boxer Buddy

    Jul 15, 2010
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    Ok, Max has never been a dog friendly dog, he always uneasy when there are others dogs in our path when walking, but we have worked on it, he is definitively leash reactive, but he goes to day care, and he interact with other dogs, he'll not play with them, he mostly ignore them, the people at day care tell me that he is ok and when I see the live feed he seem to be ok and not creating problems. He also has a dog friend (doberman) that I am confident enough to leave together even if I am not home, so my take was that he can be around other dog as long as I keep an eye. Well, this weekend we met with a friend that has a lab in a neutral place, (diezel the doberman was also there), because I know Max is leash reactive, I thought on letting him approach the lab without the leash (it has worked previous times with other dogs), the lab was outside and as soon as I open the door, max darted straight to the lab, to jump on him and I think he was trying to bite him on the neck, it was like he hate the lab, it took as a moment to separate them, of curse Max took the worse part he bite himself on the lips and got a scratch in the foot, the other poor boy got just small scratch in the ear. Any idea why he was so visceral towards this dog? the only thing I think of it is that the lab was not neutered, but he's been with other unneutered dogs, so the only thing I can think is that my dog is a psycho, he can be the sweetest thing and then he can be horrible. We had to end the play date there and head to home to make the bleeding lip stop, not sure if I am may be overreading him, but I think he was sorry and acted guilty, what did I do wrong? should I have kept the leash on Max? what do you think Max was thinking?

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