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As you all know we have had Dempsey for 5 days
Crate training is progressing perfect and no accidents in the house
Here is the problem, how can I stop her biting, how do you discipline a puppy???
Tried a new routine last night- Got home and let them both out went right outside and did the business I let them play for about 20 mins then brought them inside, dempsey always wants to bite frasier and he sometimes tries to bite or pick up her back leg???
Anyhow took them for a little stroll with dempsey walking along side him then crated them both whilst we had dinner
Then 1 hr before bedtime took them both on a long walk and she went straight too sleep!!
Let her out once and she was fine
Frasier as usual took up a position on our bed (sorry His bed we just use a small portion of it !!!)
So all in all we are doing fine though my wife patience is a little frayed-nobody said it would be easy
Any help on the biting would be appreciated.

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Sounds like you are doing GREAT! Congratulations.

As for the biting, click the search icon above and do a search on "biting" and you'll find tons of information from other threads on this subject. It is a puppy thing, they all do it, but it needs to be nipped in the bud when it comes to biting people. Dogs take care of themselves and let each other know when they bite each other too hard.

And yes, a tired dog is a happy dog (and owner). :)

I know how your wife feels. I was at my wit's end many days with Maggie when I first got her home. I had no idea what I had gotten into, trying to raise a puppy. It is a tremendous amount of work. But luckily, things got much better and it didn't take all that long. And, also quite luckily, I had these wonderful people here at Boxerworld to guide and support me through those frustrating first days.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Betty's mom

You are doing a great job! Sounds like things are under control.
Is dempsey biting you or Frasier? Betty was 'mouthin' us pretty good when we first got her. The I read "puppy preschool' or maybe puppy kindergarten and the author sayd to growl at your puppy when she bites too hard. That's how they learn when they are with their litter mates and mom. One puppy bites too hard (just playing of course) and the one biten lets out a loud cry or the puppy bites the mom and mom lets out a real low-mean sounding growl. The puppy in question then knows to back off.
Frasier can take care of himself, but you need to teach Dempsey not to mouth/bite yall.
Keep up the good work! And good luck.
Amaya favorite game is to bite at Bru heels until he will pay attention to her and play with her. No fighting or injury ever occurs but it is her way of saying, "Bru, Bru, play with me, wanna fight, Bru, Bru!" She is the annoying little sister :D

Amaya does not bite people or other dogs. If you having problems with that that is a whole other issue. SOunds like your doing a great job though.
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