About Time They Do Something About Jerks Like This! (LONG)

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This is copied from the Arizona Republic azcentral.com:

Sedona man goes to jail for beating dog to death

Mark Shaffer
The Arizona Republic
Aug. 25, 2000

FLAGSTAFF - A Sedona man who bludgeoned his dog to death last March was convicted today of felony cruelty to animals and could be the first person in Arizona to do lengthy jail time for killing a domestic animal.

Robert Bradshaw Jr., 58, will be sentenced Sept. 20 by Coconino County Superior Court Judge Robert Van Wyck and faces up to 1½ years in jail. Cruelty to animals was upgraded from a misdemeanor to a Class 6 felony last month, said Kenneth White, executive director of the Arizona Humane Society.

A large group of Sedona residents who attended the three-day trial cried and hugged after the four-man, four-woman jury reached its decision. The panel deliberated 3½ hours. The case engendered more than 2,000 emails and phone calls to the Coconino County Attorney's Office seeking diligent prosecution of Bradshaw.

"I hope the judge throws everything at him," Sedona resident Sally Stronglight said. "We want to have a memorial to 'Spike' (Bradshaw's dog) and make people aware that animals are precious beings, too."

Bradshaw was arrested after attacking the 8-month-old German shepherd mix with an ax in his front yard and striking him up to five times. Bradshaw had claimed his assault on the dog was a mercy killing because the animal had been treated for parvo two months before and still was acting listless.

Bradshaw is a long-time resident of Sedona and the owner of a taxi company. His 19-year-old son Justin said the dog angered his father by escaping and rummaging through trash. Another witness reported that Bradshaw said he was relieved to be through with the dog.

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I pray that this will be the start of properly dealing with animal crulety in the future. But I think he needs more that 1.5 Years.

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What a looser! A mercy killing?? Give me a break...a mercy killing would be an appointment at the vet and a sterile needle prick, then over the bridge. Not slaughtering the poor dog in the front yard. That is disgusting! 10 to 1 this guys beats his wife and kids!!!!


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A mercy killing!! :mad: The true mercy killing would have been for the owner of that poor pup to be on the other end of that axe. It would be merciful to put him out of his misery because any human being who could be so heartless, cruel and sadistic certainly can't be anything less than miserable. Thank God this excuse for a human is being punished but, we need to convince the authorities that action needs to be taken before this sort of thing happens, not after the fact!!!

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He should have gotten death by axe instead of 1.5 years, but I guess this is progress.

Hooray for the townspeople who showed up for support and put pressure on the system. Let's hope it changes the future, even just a little bit.

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I can not express my feelings about this poor excuse for a "Human"..every other word would be censored! >:
Please keep us posted on the actual sentance this person recieves.

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Someone out to put this guy out of HIS mysery! I am a strong believer that people like this always start out with animals, and then move onto people. Who knows what he's done to his son.


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Hooray for the justice system!!!

Although it wouldn't hurt my feelings for this guy to be locked up for FAR longer than 18 months, at least this is a start.
I completely agree with Jennifer, anyone that can do such a thing is a danger to the general public and a threat to other people. :mad:


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That makes me sick! UGGHHHH! :mad: But like they said at least its a start. POOR PUPPY! I hope he's up their in dog heaven, enjoying a better treatment. I'm so mad, I can't think straight.
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