A little girl has found her new home...

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Sugar is beautiful:) Best wishes to you and your family. I hope the adoption and Sugars transition into your home goes smoothly.


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Sugarfoot is gorgeous! What a lucky your family will be to get her! Hopefully before Christmas, what a great Christmas it will be. Bella and I are keeping our fingers crossed for you!


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Re: Thank you all!

Originally posted by austin02
They are giving her DHLPP and Corona, plus deworming and spaying her, but we, of course, will have to do rabies to register her. When we take her to our vet, will they be able to assess what else she will need? I am a little hesitant to just give her tons of shots, if she doesn't need them.

Thanks again!

Grrr... Why do they insist on giving all those vacinations, without knowing whether they are necessary. You could find a vet who will test for titers to see if all those vaccinations are really necessary and has she been tested for worms? She shouldn't be wormed unless she has worms. I wouldn't want chemicals put in my dog, unless they are really necessary. I would think that she has been put under enought stress, without potentially damaging her immune system.

I hope that she is okay in the end.


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She's gorgeous!!! Best of luck with this. You are doing a great thing here. We rescued our girl Ally 7 months ago and there is always a transition when you have another dog but after a while i'm sure everything will come into place!!


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Sugar Comes Home Tuesday!!!

Sugar gets a forever home!!!appicon!!!

The rescue called us last night around 7:30pm and told us that we would make the best candidates for Sugar to come home to.
They are delivering a few dogs in the next 3 days, one out-of-state, so they won't be back until Saturday or Sunday.

I didn't mention in my first post that she had surgery to remove a growth on her side. Well, the vet did a biopsy and it was a tumor, but BENIGN! thank goodness. I am calling our vet today to set up an appointment for next week so they can check her out and get a record started for her.

We are so very happy and can't wait to have our little girl come home to us. It is by far the best Christmas we will have. Travis' mother is coming into town that week and we are all going to celebrate Christmas at my family's house with the dogs and everyone! I can't wait to show all the relatives and family. I hope Sugar won't be to overwhelmed.

One last thing, This is the first time we are going to have two dogs together. We know Austin will have some jealousy issues. I will do a search on having two dogs in the house, but if any of you have any advise or suggestions about introducing them, please feel free to send me a Private message or post!

Thanks so much for all your words! I know Sugar's life will be 100 times better knowing that she will come to a home that will spoil her and love her! I will take pictures when they deliver her to us and post them soon!



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Congratulations appicon

Having said that, Sugar has been though a lot and is going to be very stressed and confused I know its the holidays but I would try and keep things low key while she adjusts to her new life. You may need to give her some quiet time with all those people visiting in her crate but that will depend on how she is doing she may love all the company every dog copes differently.

Introduce the dogs on neutral ground if possible not at home, on leashes and take it slowly don't expect it to be perfect. If things are not going well keep them seperated by crates and/or baby gates and give them time to get used to each other. Even if they are doing well together never leave them alone together when your not home you never know what can happen make sure at least one is crated if not both. Make sure to spend quality 1 on 1 time with each dog which will help your bond with Sugar and help Austin adjust.

Be careful with food, treats, toys etc these are things that they could fight over.

Best of luck and keep us posted - you must be so excited. Sugar is a lucky girl :)


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Congratulations!!!!!appicon appicon appicon I am soglad Sugar gets to come to her forever home. Such a sweet baby and now she will get all of the love that she deserves. You are amazing for taking in this poor girl. Bless you and Merry Christmas!



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appicon Yeah!! That is great news. Like Adelle said, the biggest thing is keeping them separated with food and treats. I would recommend not giving them any bones for a few weeks unless they are in different rooms or in their crates. That was my big mistake when I brought my "pound puppy" home.
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