A little girl has found her new home...

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We are crossing our fingers that our little girl Sugar is going to come and join or family. She is a 10 month old fawn with some flash and was abandon by her owner at a shleter in the Los Angeles, CA area. I happened to be on petfinder.com looking to find a new addition to our family. We wanted a rescue and found the perfect match. She is very petite, only 35 lbs at 10 months. She was malnourished and kept outside for the most part -- poor baby. She has some dominance issues because she had to survive on her own with another male dog that wanted no part of her.

Our little girl, Sugar doesn't know how to play. The previous owner provided her with little care and socialization. So when we brought Austin (our 14month old Boxer male) to visit her, he wanted to play, and she didn't know what to do. The adoption process is pending, so we are crossing our fingers that Sugar will come live with us and be a part of our family in the next few days.

There will be some jealousy issues, since Austin is spoiled and used to our attention 24/7, but we'll work through it.
Here's the link to the dogs in the shelter. Scroll down to see our little Sugar.


Wish us luck,

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What a pretty girl. How could anyone abandon her. It says adoption is pending. I hope that means you. :)

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She looks so sweet. I hope that everything works out. Please keep us posted. I hope you can get her before Christmas, so she can have a great Christmas at her forever home. My very first boxer was named Sugar.



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What a sweet face and those soulful eyes....
I'm crossing all fingers and paws for ya!

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Oh, Sugar is just beautiful. She looks a lot like my sweet Five Girl who was raised pretty much the same way as Sugar and was very underweight when she came to us. Of course now she is just a little piggy. I wish you lots of luck with the adoption. She deserves a good forever home.



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She is absolutely adorable. I agree, how could anyone abandon her? Definately keep us posted.


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Sugar is beautiful! How could anyone abuse that sweet girl? I hope you get her soon, and she learns to play real fast! She deserves a wonderful life with you!

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Thank you all!

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement! We are all so excited for her to come live in her forever home with us. I also hope it is before Christmas time so she can enjoy the warmth and comfort of home -- plus lots of presents!

We are waiting to speak with another person at the rescue and do a home check, but everything else looks fine! Yes, the "ADOPTION PENDING"- means our family!

Aparently, the family they rescued her from didn't have any vet records. They are giving her DHLPP and Corona, plus deworming and spaying her, but we, of course, will have to do rabies to register her. When we take her to our vet, will they be able to assess what else she will need? I am a little hesitant to just give her tons of shots, if she doesn't need them.

I will definitely update all of you on her once everything is finalized! I'll post some pictures too!

Thanks again!
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