A broken Boomer???

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A couple of weeks ago, I had to run into work for a few hours. Friends of the couple we're staying with came over for awhile. Boomer, definitely "man's best friend," evidently took to Anita immediately. He doesn't lick anyone (humans), but as you know, he gets the kidney beans going. At one point Anita sees him in doughnut form and says to Jim and Donna, "I think I broke Boomer!" Jim, Donna, and her husband Bill are now on the floor laughing so hard. It took Anita a few minutes before she realized what a kidney bean was.

I wish I could have been there to see their interaction.



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That is too funny. All of my friends can't believe she can twist and turn her self the way that she does!


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Kids say the darndest things :D How true though, I have thought at times that Kailee was going to break when she twists herself into the "doughnut shape"

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