A big scare

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Hey Boxer buddies

We had a big scare this weekend Dempsey has doubled in size in the two weeks we have had her but yesterday Frasier was playing with her and she let out an awful cry, it looked like he had come dome on her hindquarters hard and she was carrying her rear leg We were in a panic!
I picked her up and moved her leg a little and she did not cry so we called the breeder and he said to give her a day as she has probably sprained it?
I called our vets and got the emergency number, they wanted $300 to see and examine her plus xrays!!!!! Now we love ours dogs totally but I was daunted by the prospect of a $750 bill!!!
After about an hour of quiet time she started moving around and after three hours she was hardly limping and after a little walk last night she seems fine.
so I guess the moral of the story is wait a while, had she been crying or in any pain I would not have hesitated to get her to the Vets but she truly is a strong puppy

Hope you are all fine

Kim Y

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I'm so glad little Dempsey is doing okay. Boy, can I relate to this. Oscar was about your Dempsey's age. He was going through his nightly crazies racing through the house. He took the corner to fast coming into the living room and caught his leg yipping loudly and immediately laying down. I immediately freaked out. Oscar was crying and trying to get up but would immediately lay back down. I was sure he fractured his leg or worse. Luckily, hubby was home and calmed me down and said let's give him a few minutes to shake it off. Thankfully, Oscar was fine after a bit but what a scare! Poor baby was a bit bruised and shaken. I don't know who was more upset --- Oscar or his parents. :)


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Good News

I'm glad everything turned out okay, but I would have done exactly what you did BUT I would have kicked myself afterwards becaue I would have paid it. I'm a worry wart and if it weren't for my boyfriend, I'd be stressed and broke.

Wonder what it was....hmmm???????

Hope he stays okay.


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Poor little Dempsey! I think these little bumps and bruises are part of growing up! It's kind of like when we were kids...we bounced back pretty quickly if if meant we could keep playing! My poor Indy jumped out of a moving car when he was about 6 months old, skidded on the pavement and rolled for alot of yards...he saw some cows and squeezed through a window that I thought was way to small for him to get out of. Anyway, he was a mess. He even skinned his behind. This was on a Saturday so we took him to our vet to make sure nothing was broken and he was fine. He had to have salve for his boo boos and he was pretty miserable for a day. Then he was his old bad self! He does have car issues now, though! When he's very bad or does something totally dumb, I blame it on his incident and tell him he must have fallen on his head! He just looks at me with this funny look on his face! They're so adorable. Give Dempsey a big hug from all of us lovicon

Lava Linda

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I'm glad he's ok! Thanks for the message, it's so easy to worry excessively. I think a lot of sprains, and even MINOR fractures, are as easily treated the next day, as on the day they occur. (Someone correct me if this is wrong, but that's been my experience with kids' injuries and human doctors' advice.)

I had to laugh at the story of the dog falling out of the car. When I was growing up, we had a terrier mix named Woof. He loved to lean out the window of our Toyota as we drove. One day, while going around a corner, the door he was leaning on came open, on the outside of the curve!!! I was closest, and tried to grab him, but all I did was smack him on his behind as he flew out. He took an awful tumble, head over heels, but sustained no injuries. He was mad at me for a good two days!!!!!!:LOL:


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I'm glad your baby is ok! I can relate! When my furbaby Lucy was about 5 month old we lived in the desert and my greatest fear was for her to be bitten by something poisonous (rattle snake, black widow)even though I was ALWAYS with her - PARANOID! Well, one day we were taking a walk around the neighborhood and everything was fine until she started limping out of nowhere!! I figured she stepped on her little leg wrong and everything would be fine by the time we got home...NOT SO! It continued to get worse until I finally ended up carrying my little furbaby home. She was whimpering and crying - it was horrible. At home I looked her over again to make sure she hadn't stepped in anything and I couldn't find anything...HOWEVER, by the time I finished my 'examination' my poor pup was breaking out in hives!!! THAT was too much for me (I really thought something bit her while I was looking in the other direction - even though she was leashed and very close to me at all times): I packed her in the car and took her to an emergency vet (by now it was after hours) The vet shared my concern (because of the hives) even though we couldn't find a bite mark or anything of the kind on her. He did bloodwork and kept her over night to keep an eye on her. The bloodwork came back completely normal so the next day they took an xray - I believe that was fine, too. I don't remember exactly how we came to the conclusion that the poor baby had a pinched nerve.. I know that we came to that conclusion about $800 later though.:) And all I could do was crate her so she would get some rest and give her some meds for the pain..
The strange thing is that I don't think I'd be able to act any differently if put in the same situation... I can't help it!!

Lisa M

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I'm glad to hear she's OK. Casper sends boxer slobbers. I think I would try some vet shopping after that. We call ours about things I panic over fairly often and he'll just ask us questions and determine if the situation merits an emergency visit or not. He's never just jumped right in with pricing and rushing over to the office! Sumi hurt herself jumping into a lake on Superbowl Sunday. She had an open wound on her chest and I knew that it would need stitches. We called right before the game started and our vet told us what to use to wash it out and asked about how big it was and how much blood there was (hardly any) and then told us to call back again after the game to see how she was doing and if she would need emergency care. When we did he and Glenn determined that she would be fine over night and we just brought her in first thing Monday morning avoiding a larger bill due to emergency care. He told us we could give her a tylenol pm to help her sleep that night and she was fine.

I, too, would have taken my pets to the vet if they told me to, it sounded like in this case your vet should have done more to determine whether or not it was needed.
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