8 month old boxer attacks

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We have an eight month old boxer named Rocky. He has recently been neutered (almost 10 days ago) with one major habit. He attacks us and seems to get more fired up the more you attempt to stop him. He is one of the most loving dogs there is. He is obedient as far as sit, stay, going into his crate and his indoor behaviour but he will attack us. We have tried everything to discourage this behaviour as responsible pet owners. He gets lots of exercise. At least 2 to 3 good walks a day. We are teaching him to play fetch etc. This is really baffling us. How can a dog be so affectionate and really a very good dog most of the time but we cannot break this habit. We are concerned that this is going to be a lifelong habit and would very much like to have some feed back on how we can get this to stop so that he does not get worse. Please any feed back would be appreciated. He is well loved and very well taken care of.

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Sounds like typical boxer teenage play. What you should probably do when he acts like this is totally ignore him. Don't engage him in any way, just simply walk away and end any play. After a little consistency he'll get the picture that acting like this gets him no where.


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Devon was the same (she is just 7 months old), we did as advised above by ehayes21, we walked away, but we also said "enough" everytime and put out our hands as a stop sign, a kind off "talk to the hand" signal, but held next to our own chests so not to be perceived as threatening (as they are still babies).

Now when she starts to get over excited and we say that word, and we now end up with a million and one kisses instead...I know what I prefer!!:)


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When I had Ms. Ali in training she was the worse one there. She would jump up and grab at my sweater and nip at me. I remember the trainer saying that she was acting out and feeding off my reaction. Like your puppy she was worse when I tried to get her too stop. I was nearly out of my mind with her on times. Well that was just a stage and I thought I'd never get past it but she turned out to be such a beautiful girl I wouldn't part with her for all the money in the world. Hang in there. She's an active boxer and some are more hyper than others. With all the exercise Ms. Ali got she still had to grow out off all that nonsense. For me the first year and half were the worse. By three she had settled right down. It seems a long way ahead but it wil come faster than you think. Good luck.
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Kona was a bit of a menace puppy and any attention was good as far as she was concerned. If we yelled, she got more excited. So, we used time outs with her and they worked really well.... once she was separated from everyone she used to calm down and it gave us a chance to breath and calm down so it dissipated that tension in the air between naughty puppy and frustrated owner! Just make sure puppy has NOTHING to play with wherever you put him and we had to put Kona where she couldn't see us either.
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