4 yr old temper tantram

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Need help or encouragement please. Long Sorry.

I have really been working on our loose leash walks. I started clicker training and do not move at all when Nala will pull and she must be right next to me before we will move. We have been working on this for about 2 months now. The walking with a loose leash is going great but my problem is now when we encounter people or animals she is throwing temper tantrams. She isn't being aggressive by all means but she is very mad that she is not being allowed to do her own thing and greet everyone she wants to. She will bark, growl, whine and even stomp her paws. She has also reverted to learching quickly which has almost pulled me off my feet twice and once she managed to get away from me.

This poor woman who was afraid of dogs had this strange boxer barking, growling, and stomping at her as shes trying to walk past us. I moved off the path to give this lady some room because you could tell she was scared and tried to get Nala's attention and she would have none of it. She wanted this lady bad. Just as the couple got even with us Nala learched and broke free and ran over to this lady and hit the deck so the lady could pet her. I felt horrible. The lady did not find it cute. And I don't blame her at all.

Nala has never learched or pulled hard enough to pull me off my feet so this is very new behavior. And so is the barking, growling, whining during walks because she wants to greet someone.

I have noticed that she is very hypervigilant as soon as we step off the porch so I have started waiting until she is completely calm before leaving our property. Then if I notice she is getting a little over vigilant I will stop until she calms down. If I see her focusing on anything as soon as she looks away she will get rewarded. When she is walking calm and relaxed I reward alot. She isn't like this with every person or every dog we come across. I have even reverted to crossing the street away from them but it seems to not help completely. She tried today to take off across the street at a dog on the other side. Good thing I had a good hold cause a car passed just as she learched.

Am I dealing with this correctly or am I screwing it all up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I can't have her continuing to do that.


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Just one idea for you but I am sure others will have more!
If treating doesn't seem to be working perhaps try removing the treats and stopping the walk as a punishment for acting up instead of rewarding her when she does well?
Stopping as in returning home for a bit.
I have found that treats work short term for *some* dogs while others thrive with this type of system. Those dogs behave long enough for the owner to notice....give treat as reward and continue on. Then they act up all over again then comply with what is being asked (good behavior), they get rewarded and then.....the same cycle continues.
I use this method with dogs that quickly figure this out (getting rewards) and for others that are not treat motivated.
I use the actual walk AS the reward. If that makes sense.
I walk dogs for a living and while this might make the time outside ending up in short trips...over and over a good portion of them do start to get it. Now if I could only get the owners to follow thru it would make my job easier!
I have one Springer Spaniel that lives in a court and for nearly an entire summer I never got her out of the actual court! I would spend 30 minutes walking one house away then back inside her own home. Then two houses down etc....in and out! She finally figured out that when she went berserk (for numerous reasons, like if the wind was blowing!) she headed back inside. She does great now and only acts up every once in a blue moon.
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