4 Year Old diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy

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Hondo M

Boxer Pal
I haven't given up on my dog yet.

I insisted they send the fluid from his chest for culture...vets doubted it would do anything.

Now they have found out it came back with E-Coli bacteria present in his Pleural Cavity, this means that he has a bacterial infection in his heart/lung cavity.

I do not know the implications this may have caused or the strain on his heart, maybe it has caused arrhythmia's and decreased pumping efficiency of his heart.

There is a condition called pyothorax that is common among hunting dogs; infected thorns in their chest, drinking pond water etc.. basically they inject e-coli or other bacteria through their lungs or by a foreign body. Well my dog is known for being a dog and chasing rabbits through bushes, chasing frogs in ponds, and even drinking pond water every now and then.

The cardiologist at Cornell did not have knowledge of this bacterial infection when they read his holter results.

Driving to Cornell tomorrow. Keep my best friend in your prayers, I am.


Boxer Buddy
I hope this turns out to be something that is an easy fix. Not that it's good that he has an infection, but that's so much easier handled than an inherent heart issue. We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed that you get some positive news. Good for you for looking deeper into the situation!


Boxer Insane
Continued thoughts, well wishes, healing vibes, positive energy and many prayers being sent your way.


Boxer Insane
Wow! I never would have thought to ask for a culture. You pup is indeed lucky to have you!We are continuing to send positive healthy ((vibes)).

Hondo M

Boxer Pal
It was all in vain.

I took my dog to Cornell to see the cardiologist and they said he had two different types of arrhythmic beats in addition to a severely dilated heart. His heart walls were less than an 1/8 inch thick and one of his lower chambers wasn't even working.

Apparently he has been like this since I got into my car and drove 12 hours to be by his side. He spent 5 days with me and seemingly enough was acting like he was going to make a recovery. The entire cardiologist department at Cornell was frank when they said they did not know how my dog was able to walk, eat, wag his tail, or grumble/talk to me, let alone breath. It was his will to live and his desire to have me by his side for the final part of his life that kept him alive and going.

After the final appointment at Cornell when the doc's said this, I saw him lay down on a tile floor, which he has never done and sunk his head between his legs almost a sign that he knew what was said and was going to give in. I have never seen a boxer lower their head. After having several boxers growing up, to see how a boxer carry's themselves is a special thing. Whether sitting or laying down they carry their head with courage, confidence, and pride. My Hondo had lost this ability so I knew it was time for him, he let me know, just as they say.

It was a 2 hour car ride back from Cornell to home and after getting out of the truck he followed me 20 feet into the yard and snow and after peeing had a heart attack, his head hung low and he started to loose balance. I picked him up and rushed him inside and laid with him and told him it was OK to go and that I would be all right.

I laid with him from 8 to until 3AM, he kept rallying and walking up and i would carry him outside to pee and then give him water. Each time he work he would wake up and look at my eyes and start licking my hands or face. I kept my hand on him this entire time.

At 3AM I took him upstairs and wished for God to take him by my side in my sleep. He did not, at 8 in the morning I woke and my friend did not have the strength to even stand up. I carried him outside where he peed again and back inside to the dog bed right inside the door.

I called the vet to let them know I was coming and fell to the floor in tears afterwards. I spend 20 or 30 minutes telling him how much he meant to me and that I will never forget him. He was without a doubt the smartest dog I have ever met and helped me develop into the young man that I am today. I learned to accept who he was as a dog and let him live the best life that I could give him and in turn he taught me so much.

At 9AM he slipped out of my hands and into the hands of God.

I hope that his wait for me won't be long, a blink in time in his eyes, everyday I will miss him and I only look forward to the day I can be reunited with my best friend, my dog, my Hondo.


Boxer Insane
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your boy didn't make it. I wish I could say something to make you feel better, but I know that I can't. My thoughts are with you.
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