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Well, I tortured myself once again tonight. I went shoping at my local mall and I had to go into the pet store. There he was, a beautiful male flashy fawn boxer, born on 2/24/02. He was such a little darling. Curled up sleeping in his tiny empty little cage. Out of curiosity, I asked the salesman how much the boxer pup was going for. His reply.... $1299.99!!!! :eek:

I don't know why, but I just bursted out laughing. "$1299??? I just bought a boxer pup from a breeder for $850!!!!" His response to that was... "well this pup comes from a very good breeder with all of his papers". Again, I just bursted out laughing and shaking my head no. "So does mine" I said as I was making my exit. Had I thought of it on the spot, I would've asked who this "very good breeder" was, just for kicks. Maybe next time I go to the mall, I'll go back in and ask.

Please don't mistake my "laughing" as finding it humorous that this poor little pup has been sent to this store. I feel so sorry for the pup, he's a beautiful little boy. I just can't believe how these petstores try to sucker people into paying a fortune for these innocent animals. The saddest part is that some stores even succeed at it!!!

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All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE! I can't believe they can charge that much. It is so sad.

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I beleive it. Like I mentioned on another post one of the teachers saw a boxer pup at a mall petstore for $1,100
It's crazy. I guess they figure if they charge this price people will think they are from a reputable breeder.

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I HATE Petstores

I can't stand them - they could care less about the animals!! What a jerk that guy is!!

A few months ago I went to the mall with my boyfriend and he wanted to look at the fish in a pet store... I told him I would wait out in the mall, because I didn't want to get depressed. Well he comes out a few minutes later and tells me that I just have to see the Boxer they have in there. So I go in and I immeidately felt sick to my stomach. I would look around and see all these wonderful creatures behind glass, under neon signs / florescent lights. It made me feel like I was in some bizarro world ... I can't describe too well... But it felt like something was really wrong... like I was in some futuristic movie showing humans under the same conditions... sounds weird but it all felt very perverse.

Just thought of the creatures in some Mall in the middle of America, not with their Mom (alot of them looked young!!), not outside breathing fresh air. They are on display for us to pick and choose like we are shopping for toilet paper. I really wish I could describe it better, it was just aweful. I left in tears and was upset the whole day. I HATE PET STORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone ever tried to ban Mall Pet stores? These poor babies aren't with their mama's long enough and they don't get proper nutrition to replace mama's milk and LOVE.:mad:


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Well of course they have to be that much - how else would the store turn a profit? They don't actually *care* about the animals they sell. Only a complete idiot would buy a dog from a pet store when breeders don't make a profit. I too have a real problem with pet stores that sell animals. I sure hope one day pets earn legal rights and are no longer considered property.


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I fully agree that pet store puppy sells are wrong and should be stopped. If I am not mistaken, mammal pet store sells are outlawed in Germany and such.(?) Just one comment I do have in regards to your post CC.

Originally posted by CC
Only a complete idiot would buy a dog from a pet store when breeders don't make a profit.

Most sells from pet stores and BYBs come from people who are simply uninformed; the 'ignorance is bliss' idea. I fully understand what your saying tho. My girl Kira came from a BYB before I knew anything about dogs really. Just wanted to touch on that a second, but like I say CC, I fully get what you intend.


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Luckily this doesn't really happen much in the UK in our pet stores. I once saw a puppy in a large store in Leeds and burst out crying on the spot. I couldn't believe they would out such a small defenceless animal in a tiny glass cage for people to walk by and gawp at. I did not buy anything from there out of principle and since then the owner was fined heavily for not looking after these animals properly and I hear that the store is under new management.

I cannot understand why they sell puppies in stores it just is not the correct environment at all and especially to try to overcharge too - money grabbing *********** comes to mind arrrggghhhhh

I bet you were raving - that poor little fellow.


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pet stores

I believe the reason many people buy dogs at pet stores is because the pet stores will allow them to pay monthly.

It is my belief that if you can not afford to pay a breader outright, you simply cannot afford to own a new puppy. What makes those people think they can afford the after costs of a new puppy such as vet bills, food,supplies, when they can't even afford the dog itself.

What happens if the person stops paying the store? Do they repo the dog. The thought of it makes me sick.



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That is not entirely correct. I am one of those "idiots"(ignorant ones who didn't know better at the time). I bought my pug from a pet store, I paid $1,000 for him up front. Most people feel you get what you pay for and since they charge more and such that it must just be a better dog. That was our thinking anyway, of course now I know better. I know other people who have purchased from pet stores and have said that was the same reason. I just wanted to let you know that payment plans are not the only reason why people get pets at a pet store. I know better now and that knowledge(and this board)helped me not to do the same thing again only a week ago or so. I think people just need to be more informed of the situations that these animals go through. My Pugslee went thru two other stores before there and I got him. I know this from the transfers of his papers. It is just sad! I no longer go in those stores.
Anyway didn't mean to go on, just wanted to clear that up.

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