11 Week Old Pup With Diarreah

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Hi I Gave My Jake Some Cottage Cheese Twice Today, Mixed With His Food. Now He Has Diarreah What Can I Do To Make His Stool Solid Again. I Heard Of Boiled Rice Would Stop His Stools From Being Loose. Some More Info On This Matter Would Help
Thanks Mandy


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You could give him a little canned or pureed pumpkin (pure, not pie mix). That usually firms them up :)


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As with anything that you aadd to a pups diet it need to be in very small amounts so that their systems have time to get used to the new introduction.

Even with good things too much of it can have negative effects. I would lay off of the cottage cheese until he is back to normal and then if you want to have this be a normal part of his diet then do so with it gradually. Start with a few licks off of a spoon and then work up the amount from there.


maybe you should try just giving him dog food. seems to me that when you start adding all types of human food youre just giving its stomach a reason to be upset. its a dog feed it dog food!!!


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My Sadie had the same problem not to long ago and a friend told me to give her yogurt (?), well to my surprise it helped her!!!


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It's OK to feed cottage cheese, but perhaps it's too rich for our boy? ...or maybe he ate too much? I'd try adding a bit of canned pumpkin to his kibble to firm things up, or maybe a bit of plain yogurt.

Oops, just noticed you posted this last week. I hope Jake is OK.
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