1 yr old suddenly can't get enough to drink

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Over the past 2 days my 15 moth old white boxer drinks constantly. He used to leave most of his am and pm bowl empty and visit the water for only a few sips during the day. 2 days ago he started to gulp down as much water as was available, then headed for the toilet (something he's never done) and once we closed the toilet lids, when he was out to pee, he laps at the rain puddles on the deck and sidewalk like he is drying right up.
There is no new food, he hasn't gotten into anyting unusual that we know of,and otherwise is acting normal.
He did, however, wet inside the house several times yesterday, something he hasn't done since 12 weeks old!- I suspect he just couldn't hold all that water until we realized what he was doing and took away his bowl.
I have an appt with the vet Wednesday, but any advice until then? What could this be?


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I would suggest a trip to the vet, but you are doing that already. :) Some things can cause excesses drinking, like diabetes, but that would be unlikely in a 1 yr old. Have you changed the food? Is your dog on Prednizone? I don't know what else to suggest.

Good luck at your vet.


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I agree with Jan, take your dog to the vet and have some tests run. Drinking a lot of water could also be a sign that something is amiss with the kidneys.
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