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I have to admit I also was fooled by this one! I feel like an idiot! I should of been more alert, I was fully aware it was April Fools Day! My hubby even played a joke on me at 7AM and I fell for that too! I am glad it was just a joke! I love this place.:)

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I am too the big huge dunder head!!!! I also kept wondering why there were new members and was talking in chat to Matt S about it. Becasue some guy came in who said he just registered and we were like "um what, just now you registered?" we were so confused!! :LOL:

It was a good joke though and I was so nervous that I would lose all my posts I worked so hard for! :D


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You got me also Olly!:LOL:

I did not see the post yesterday, but I was glad the joke was over when I noticed it today or I would have been a wreck! I don't post to much anymore but I love knowing that I can and being a part of the group!

My best friend got me yesterday. She called and told me that another friend of ours that is pregnant was having twins!!!! :LOL:
She got me good!

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Originally posted by Aimee
I was sweating that email all day today! I wasn't about to suggest anything in hopes I'd just be skipped over and forgot about ;)

LOL! Isnt funny how when it comes to something like this we fear we are gonna be the loser, even with 85 to 10,000 odds *BUT* if the lottery odds were the same we figure theirs no way we are going to win.


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Was the Blob over the coast of Florida a PRANK???

I saw it on TV in passing on the news....It seemed possible to me... Too funnysmashicon
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