1. Our first boxer Zeus...

    Our first boxer Zeus...

    Our first boxer Zeus...
  2. Ouch


    Harley at 13 weeks with his cousin Zeus (my brother's boxer).
  3. Rescued Zeus

    Rescued Zeus

  4. They're So Cute!

    They're So Cute!

    My skinbaby and my youngest furbaby!
  5. Growing up fast

    Growing up fast

    My little man is growing up so fast. He is 9 months old now.
  6. Posing for the camera

    Posing for the camera

    Zeus just loves to pose for the camera.
  7. Babies


    My daughter and my special pup!
  8. getting big!!

    getting big!!

    Here he is at 7 months.. getting big! 56 lbs
  9. Double bubble

    Double bubble

    I love my bubble face.
  10. Bubble face

    Bubble face

    I blow bubbles when mom and dad have food. I can't help myself.
  11. We love playin' together

    We love playin' together

  12. Zeus and B.B.

    Zeus and B.B.

    Zeus and his fursister B.B. (11 year old Boston Terrier)
  13. Do ya wanna play?

    Do ya wanna play?

  14. Aren't I cute?

    Aren't I cute?

  15. Zeus and his carrot

    Zeus and his carrot

    You better not touch my carrot.