1. i love my new home

    i love my new home

    this is belle in her first few days at home.we love her so much.
  2. Help me guys

    Help me guys

    Still trying to get up on the porch :) he's making it with no problem now. TOO CUTE
  3. Tyson and Roxie

    Tyson and Roxie

    These guys love the beach!! They were a gift from my wife's cousin Kevin and Francis!! Thanks Guys!
  4. Angus Mc Dufus

    Angus Mc Dufus

    here is Angus, our new little baby I got just a few days ago. He is 8 weeks old and the most adorable little thing ever!! Love him to bits!!
  5. My bud Cashious at 8 weeks

    My bud Cashious at 8 weeks

    This is my first boxer, Cashious.. yeh, I changed the spelling of his name..But he's one of a kind. He's 8 weeks old in this photo. Pretty tough huh?