1. Playing on the bed

    Playing on the bed

    This looks more like a bed fit for me
  2. Xavier sleeping

    Xavier sleeping

    Getting comfortable.
  3. Crazy dog

    Crazy dog

    X gets a little crazy when it comes to leaves.
  4. Kenzie and Xavier

    Kenzie and Xavier

    Getting to know the family.
  5. Kenzie


  6. It went that way

    It went that way

    Xavier looking for Something
  7. I hate this leash

    I hate this leash

    If I pull hard enough maybe it will come off!!!!
  8. Hiding


    Trying to hide from Daddy's camera.
  9. Hard Left

    Hard Left

    Which was to go????
  10. Gimmie what's in the bag

    Gimmie what's in the bag

    Xavier trying to convince the neighbor kids to share their Cheetos.
  11. Face Off

    Face Off

    Xavier and my brother's boxer. Getting to know each other.
  12. Bless You

    Bless You

    Xavier playing in the yard when allergies sneak up on him