1. Gazou with his Daddy

    Gazou with his Daddy

    This is Gazou with his Daddy at the breeder's.
  2. Caesar in LA LA Land

    Caesar in LA LA Land

    Caesar likes to sleep with eyes open, but first time with tongue out
  3. Soccer Girl!

    Soccer Girl!

    Olivia loves to play Soccer!
  4. Pups in the Wagon

    Pups in the Wagon

    Chaos is the one in the rear right.
  5. cool air please.

    cool air please.

    Sergeant won't move away from the fan if he can help it.
  6. stroking Chance.

    stroking Chance.

    After a few hugs Natalya dicided that Chance needed his ears stroked.
  7. Natalya & Chance.

    Natalya & Chance.

    Natalya loves hugging Boxers, here she had just given Chance a hug then sat in his arms.
  8. Niko & Sergeant

    Niko & Sergeant

    Niko, a local young girlfriend with Sergeant taking a time out!
  9. Wake me for dinner

    Wake me for dinner

    Gretchen - 2 yr old Boxer sleeping on a toy
  10. mugsy


  11. Caesar, are you comfortable?

    Caesar, are you comfortable?

    I wondered why Caesar's face smelled weird.
  12. Spoiled rotten puppy!

    Spoiled rotten puppy!

    Ryan snuggling Ponza
  13. Cool, dude!

    Cool, dude!

    Ryan and Ponza in wagon
  14. Sadie, Rudy and their new brother Cameron

    Sadie, Rudy and their new brother Cameron

    Sadie and Rudy welcome their new brother Cameron. Sadie 2/1997 Rudy 11/2001 Cameron 11/2002
  15. Abbey with toy

    Abbey with toy

    Abbey resting, but still doesn't want to give up her play toy.
  16. can we be friends?

    can we be friends?

    Duka and Lilli getting close.
  17. Ouch


    Harley at 13 weeks with his cousin Zeus (my brother's boxer).
  18. Grace and Dolly

    Grace and Dolly

    In just a few short weeks, they have become the best of friends! I can't imagine a better dog for a child.
  19. Greta with her partner in crime!

    Greta with her partner in crime!

    My baby, Greta, with her best buddy and partner in crime, my nephew, Andrew. Can't you just see their devil horns popping out!
  20. Yeah! Mr. Pig has a good  taste!

    Yeah! Mr. Pig has a good taste!

    It was fun. I got Boris sleeping while it was playing with Mr. Pig.