1. Niko and Pretzel

    Niko and Pretzel

    Niko watched two winner dogs over thanksgiving .. they didn't even add up to one of her!
  2. Little snooze

    Little snooze

    Taking a wee nap!
  3. Hiding behind "daddy"

    Hiding behind "daddy"

    Hiding behind 'daddy' - at four weeks old!
  4. Winnie at 4 weeks old.

    Winnie at 4 weeks old.

    Just to show how tiny she really is! She may be tiny, but she's mischievious and very playful already! She's gonna be a lot of fun! But she's only 4 weeks old, and we still have to wait another 4 long weeks until we can bring her home!
  5. Winnie & Betty @ 4 weeks!

    Winnie & Betty @ 4 weeks!

    Winnie is our baby, she's the one with the flashy face leaning on her sister 'Betty' who is being adopted by some friends of ours! This was taken on Friday (Sept 20th) and they are exactly 4 weeks old in this picture. I can hardly wait to bring Winnie home.. it's gonna be another long 4 weeks!
  6. winnie and siblings

    winnie and siblings

    Winnie with her brothers and sister. They are all so sweet, I kept having to remind myself that we can't take them all!!!