1. Ya, I'm cute

    Ya, I'm cute

  2. cozy spot

    cozy spot

    Tug laying on the couch
  3. rolling again

    rolling again

    tank on back
  4. shake it shake it!!!

    shake it shake it!!!

    tank shakin it
  5. Tanks favorite chewy

    Tanks favorite chewy

    tank and bone
  6. more sleepy time

    more sleepy time

    tank on couch asleep
  7. ready to pounce

    ready to pounce

    tug jumping off bed
  8. snuggles


    tank and tug on bed
  9. Tug tuckered out

    Tug tuckered out

    tug on bed
  10. Tank and Tug

    Tank and Tug

    The boys
  11. Tank


    Tank being soooo good!!
  12. Hunter and Tug

    Hunter and Tug

    Tug and Hunter on Tug's Bed
  13. Tug


    Tug sitting on bed