1. Rosie and friends

    Rosie and friends

    Rosie, Jordan and Jaffa playing in the park
  2. Zoe


  3. You Talking To ME?

    You Talking To ME?

    It's like he said, WHAT DO YOU WANT!
  4. I want to be blonde

    I want to be blonde

    Cyrus wanted to see if my daughters hair was real
  5. but now i am

    but now i am

    caught him in the act
  6. i need a rest

    i need a rest

  7. give us a kiss

    give us a kiss

  8. lazy


    Cyrus likes to be comfortable!
  9. kiss


    Cyrus is so loving
  10. Lexis


    What are you looking at?
  11. Who me?

    Who me?

    This is her notorius look of, "Who me mommie?" LOL