1. Good Dog featuring Lara the Beautiful

    Good Dog featuring Lara the Beautiful

    Here's Miss Lara snuggled in between the photo words 'Good Dog'. And she is!
  2. Guess I get the couch....

    Guess I get the couch....

    Came up to bed and found my spot had been taken. :p But isn't it SO cute?!
  3. Nobody's Toy

    Nobody's Toy

    They're both under the bed, and BF was teasing them putting the toy just out of reach. Poor pitiful things :)
  4. My new Puppy

    My new Puppy

    The female is on the left and the male is one the right. I have been talking to a breeder and I am planning on getting the female.
  5. Bongo alone

    Bongo alone

    Bongo patiently waiting to go to his new home
  6. Give us some lovin

    Give us some lovin

    Domino&Boo getting some lovin from Boo's Dad.
  7. Boo&Domino


    Boo&Domino getting sprayed off
  8. Dog Tired

    Dog Tired

    Domino&Boo all tuckered out after playing at Boo's hose.
  9. Bongo, "stacked"

    Bongo, "stacked"

  10. Bongo, at 5 weeks

    Bongo, at 5 weeks

    He has two different colored eyes!
  11. Nap time

    Nap time

    Domino still thinks he is a lap dog!
  12. Domino's Kisses

    Domino's Kisses

    Domino giving Jimbo a wet kiss!
  13. bongo_family


    Bongo with his mom and sibs
  14. Bongo


    Bongo is 1 day old!
  15. Buds


    Apollo and Austin
  16. Boxer_xing


    Young Apollo obeying traffic signs
  17. Serious Face

    Serious Face

    Needs no explanation
  18. Lara looking up

    Lara looking up

    Lara's 'watch me' command came in handy for this photo.
  19. Lara close up

    Lara close up

    Lara waits so patiently while being photographed..my little supermodel!
  20. Wilson's portrait

    Wilson's portrait

    A portrait of our special boy. We love you Wilson!