1. Bailey the Sea Dog!

    Bailey the Sea Dog!

    This is Mahlon's best friend Bailey, this was her favorite thing to do on our vacation this summer! What a brave girl!
  2. The Island Tourguide

    The Island Tourguide

    Chief is now an 8 yr old fawn male. The best behaved, cartooning, wiggle butt anyone could want! He loves riding the golf carts with his shades and first-mate's hat at Kelley's Island, Ohio. We love him so much! He's a GOOD BOY! ^~^ 0 0 [X]
  3. Duchess On Vacation

    Duchess On Vacation

    We took Duchess with us to the Smoky Mountains a couple of weeks ago. She had such a great time at our cabin. Here she is checking out everything from the porch.