1. what do u mean i look funny . . .

    what do u mean i look funny . . .

    yet another pic of a boxer out the window :)
  2. tyler's halloween costume

    tyler's halloween costume

    Old pic, but this was Tyler's halloween costume - he got to go trick or treating and even got doggie bones at some houses!
  3. Making out

    Making out

    Does anyone else's boxers do this? Tyler and Tyson just love to look at each other and just lick, lick, lick
  4. ZZZzzZzZzzz


    Tyler in his usual state of mind . . . :)
  5. How do i look?

    How do i look?

    this is tyler's daddy's favorite. . .
  6. Day at the beach

    Day at the beach

    Tyler's first experience at the beach - we originally took this photo cuz he was so foamy, but i love it
  7. Tyler's first bday!

    Tyler's first bday!

    Tyler sitting nicely for his first birthday photo, complete with cake, cupcakes for the human guests, and toys!
  8. my boys!

    my boys!

    our new adoptee Tyson and our baby Tyler coming to find out where mommy ran off to. . .
  9. if they only knew what was coming . . .

    if they only knew what was coming . . .

    my boys in the tub before their very first bath together - and it actually went quite wonderfully!
  10. tyler lies in wait for his prey

    tyler lies in wait for his prey

    everyone asks if he has blue eyes, but they're brown - something about the flash... this is my baby on his first day home taking a break in the grass - or waiting to pounce!
  11. could that be . . .

    could that be . . .

    i don't know what it is, but he's always had this love for the smell of beer . . . and he was only about 3 months old here! (don't worry, he's never had any)
  12. shall we tango?

    shall we tango?

    an example of how my baby has grown! he loves to get attention anyway he can . . .
  13. my lump :-)

    my lump :-)

    my bum tyler sleeping on his daddy yet again (i guess any part of him will do!)
  14. Nap time

    Nap time

    She loved Tyler her Lobster.