1. Sleepy Duchess

    Sleepy Duchess

    Boy - I am so sleepy, I know I'll lie down and keep an ear out for any excitement - Best of two worlds !
  2. Hey.. get off my table!!

    Hey.. get off my table!!

    Brandi chewing on Mag's back leg ...I'm still trying to get them in. Caesar's trying to find a squirrel-sicle in the trees
  3. Yo....s'up


    Yo...s'up. I'm Xena the boxer and I got somethin to say... (you're giving me a cookie for this right?...
  4. Parker & his bandana

    Parker & his bandana

  5. Leave Me Alone Mom!!

    Leave Me Alone Mom!!

  6. MMmmmmm Tasty!!!

    MMmmmmm Tasty!!!

    I wanted a good side-on photo so I had to put a bone on the table just out of reach.....I guess he was too dumb to walk round the other side of the table.