1. Queen Rita the First

    Queen Rita the First

  2. ChewFest 2003

    ChewFest 2003

  3. best friends

    best friends

  4. You talkin' to me?

    You talkin' to me?

  5. Double Trouble

    Double Trouble

  6. All tuckered out

    All tuckered out

  7. Don't make me come over there!

    Don't make me come over there!

  8. Is this what 'sit' means?

    Is this what 'sit' means?

  9. Pretty Girl

    Pretty Girl

  10. Neighborhood Watch Committee

    Neighborhood Watch Committee

  11. Another picture Mommy?

    Another picture Mommy?

  12. Awwww, so sweet.

    Awwww, so sweet.

    Rita and Munson sleeping on their bed while I look at Boxerworld!