1. Yippee! They are playing together--more progress!
  2. puppy love?

    puppy love?

    Lizzie protested about her crate so much that we gave up and now let her sleep in bed with us. She has found her favorite bed buddy is Jasmine, our cat. They're inseperable!!
  3. Tanner & Morgan

    Tanner & Morgan

    Like "velcro"
  4. Just hanging around

    Just hanging around

    Jillian and Tulley - just hanging out.
  5. Julie


    what is that crawling in the grass
  6. Julie


    Im so tired mommy
  7. Rockie


    is this a good pose momma
  8. Rockie


    Rockie got the ball
  9. Rockie  ,Julie and Abby

    Rockie ,Julie and Abby

    It's Julies turn there Abby
  10. Rockie  and Abby

    Rockie and Abby

    do I have to take a break now momma
  11. Rockie


    These flowers dont smell momma
  12. julie and rockie

    julie and rockie

    who had the ball