1. Woody at the take out window

    Woody at the take out window

    Woody likes to come to the main hatch in the middle of the boat for a biscuit, he makes 'Wookie" vocalizations until we give him what he wants.
  2. We an share!

    We an share!

    Dulce allows Maddie time on the sacred couch.
  3. Mac and Brandi

    Mac and Brandi

    Snoozing in our favorite spot, "the chair"!
  4. Sleepy head

    Sleepy head

    Cashew gets a few winks.
  5. Sugar- Ready for my close-up!

    Sugar- Ready for my close-up!

    She loves to take pictures! She's 3 1/2 months in this picture.
  6. Time out

    Time out

    Best Friends get tired together. Good thing Jassy has a soft butt
  7. Play time

    Play time

    Got her right where I want her...now what do I do??
  8. Sleep Time

    Sleep Time

    This is a pic of my son Peyton and our Fawn Male named Gumbeaux, we call him Beaux for short. They love to lay down and sleep together.
  9. Passing the Time

    Passing the Time

  10. Duncan


    Duncan at Christmas time :)