1. Pensive


  2. Nephew with Waffles

    Nephew with Waffles

    My Nephew with Waffles. Notice his chest markings, it shaped like an upside down heart.
  3. Tailgater


  4. Playing in the Leaves

    Playing in the Leaves

  5. Waffles, First Puppy Pic

    Waffles, First Puppy Pic

    3 Weeks Old
  6. Buds


    Apollo and Austin
  7. Boxer_xing


    Young Apollo obeying traffic signs
  8. Serious Face

    Serious Face

    Needs no explanation
  9. Ghost Dog

    Ghost Dog

    Rumor has it that the last folks who lived in my apartment owned their own boxer, and one day it jumped from the balcony and died. Now that dog haunts my apartment. This is the only shot I've snapped of it. It's pure coincidence that it looks identical to my dog, Betty.
  10. Lazer Beast

    Lazer Beast

    Another long exposure shot, this time with the light eating Betty.
  11. Betty being abducted

    Betty being abducted

    I left the shutter open for a few secs and a friend beamed one of those LCD keychain lights all around Betty. The effect wasn't as dramatic as I'd wanted, but it has a nice "abduction" look to it.
  12. Betty's underbite

    Betty's underbite

    Not the best pic, but silly nonetheless.
  13. Another Betty

    Another Betty

    Another ... she was obviously not her usual hyper self on this day.
  14. Betty 2

    Betty 2

    Another B&W one I took for a photojournalism class. Didn't turn out right, but I still like it.
  15. Betty


    Here's a picture of Betty sitting in her balcony seat. It's from here that she surveys the pool area for miscreants and strangers.
  16. Chuy, no seatbelt needed

    Chuy, no seatbelt needed

    Okay, do i need a seat belt or not? I need my head out the window once we get started.
  17. Chuy, by the car, ready to go!

    Chuy, by the car, ready to go!

    I'm ready, can we take a ride now
  18. Chuy, with  toy tire

    Chuy, with toy tire

    Chuy, showing his playfullness and laziness at the same time.
  19. Chuy,  posing for camera!

    Chuy, posing for camera!

    Chuy standing on the window ledge, posing just for the camera. What a ham!
  20. Rowdy at 14 months

    Rowdy at 14 months

    Rowdy at 14 months.