1. Hey - that's mine!

    Hey - that's mine!

    Buster: "You have garlic breath." Maggie: "Do not. Shut up and give me the ball."
  2. Thanksgiving Memories

    Thanksgiving Memories

    Carlos (dark brown chihuahua) and Maggie on Thanksgiving 2001. Carlos passed away 8 months later at the ripe old age of 14 and I'm so glad one of his lifelong dreams came true... to have that darn turkey all to himself! *grin* He didn't have the teeth or jaw strength to do more than gum that...
  3. Gecko face

    Gecko face

    Bella found a patch of shade
  4. Bella


    A day at the beach
  5. Boston camoflaged!

    Boston camoflaged!

    Can you find where the snow ends and the Boston begins?
  6. Do I LOOK comfortable?

    Do I LOOK comfortable?

    Hugo (boxer) and Simon (bt) getting cozy with their Daddy.
  7. I made bail!!

    I made bail!!

    This was Simon's halloween outfit. What better on a Boston than black and white stripes!! :)
  8. Our little Boys

    Our little Boys

    This is our family photo of our 'furkids' Hugo and Simon.
  9. Hugo's little Boston bro

    Hugo's little Boston bro

    Simon the Boston Terrier at 6 weeks old
  10. Kobi, Murphy, and Benny

    Kobi, Murphy, and Benny

    Here is a photo of Kobi (female boston terrier 5 yrs), Murphy (male boston terrier 4 yrs), and Benny (Rescue Boxer 3-4 yrs)
  11. Tail chewing

    Tail chewing

    Tail chewers of the world, Unite!
  12. Hugo's new brother

    Hugo's new brother

    This is Simon. He is our new Boston Terrier. The breeder took the pic for us, because he is only one week old and still with his furmommy.
  13. Mingus


    mingus in the kitchen
  14. Mingus(APBT)


    This is our one year old pit bull. He is big brother to Ozzy our 10 week old boxer. It was love at first sight. They have a 7 yr old whippet sister, Ripley.