1. Linda/NJ

    Bad breath again, bleeding gums again

    sadicon I guess a dental cleaning is in the future.Bad breath and gums bleeding have started up. Lily got one 2.5 years ago, she was fine for awhile. We were told she has gum disease. She never cooperates for a tooth brushing. I do a dental spray once a day though. She is 7 now, her first...
  2. Smile


  3. Buster Showing Teeth

    Buster Showing Teeth

    "Where's that Steak got to?"2
  4. Betty's underbite

    Betty's underbite

    Not the best pic, but silly nonetheless.
  5. Jake sleeping

    Jake sleeping

    Jake sleeping upside down on my lap with his lip stuck on his teeth
  6. Max enjoying his 3 minute sit and stay

    Max enjoying his 3 minute sit and stay

  7. Take me to the dentist, mum!

    Take me to the dentist, mum!

    We adore Lara's toothy grin!
  8. Smile!!!!


    Duchess is smiling for the camera. :o)
  9. Napping & Snoring

    Napping & Snoring

    Here's Duchess snoring away on our loveseat in the den. LOL
  10. Do you smell that?

    Do you smell that?