1. lazy puppy

    lazy puppy

    tank in his favorite spot upstairs... "would ya leave me alone with that camera? i'm tryin to sleep here..."
  2. tank and elmo

    tank and elmo

    tank snuggling with his current "babi"... he has tons of them!
  3. big stretch

    big stretch

    very familiar position.... lol
  4. tank and his blankie

    tank and his blankie

    this is tank when we first brought him home... snuggling with his fave babi blankie
  5. Tank posing

    Tank posing

    my baby boy posing for the camera... showing his stuff!
  6. Tank the guard dog

    Tank the guard dog

    Tank our little guard dog... most likely to lick someone to death!
  7. babi tank

    babi tank

    my babi "tank" when we first brought him home... so little and wrinkly!
  8. Tank


    Tank relaxing
  9. 50 lbs ago

    50 lbs ago

    This was Tysons first pick! Now he weighs about 50 more lbs. I have the pics, just not scanned in yet. He is our little tank!