1. Give me

    Give me

    I'm going to sit on you until you give me that bone!
  2. Sugar & Ray

    Sugar & Ray

    We can only sit still for so long - take the picture.
  3. Shhh! Sugar's nap time.

    Shhh! Sugar's nap time.

    Sugar loves to nap! She's 3 1/2 months in this picture!
  4. Hurry! Take the picture!

    Hurry! Take the picture!

    Sugar loves to take pictures! She'll run up to me whenever she sees me bring out the camera. But this day she wasn't too happy about having to sit while I took the picture. She seen daddy mowing the lawn and wanted to go outside with him.
  5. Why R U Leaving Me!

    Why R U Leaving Me!

    Sugar watched us as we were walking out of the house.
  6. Sugar Suarez

    Sugar Suarez

    Sugar was on the couch watching the nieghbor children play outside. She was so still and looked so beautiful that I had to take this picture.