1. Posing for the camera

    Posing for the camera

    "Take the picture already! I'm tired of posing forever!" Can you say - SUPERSTAR! :)
  2. Look at my ears!

    Look at my ears!

    What can I say, he'll have the ladies lining up... :)
  3. I'm full

    I'm full

    Boy, that dinner was very filling...
  4. I'm watching TV

    I'm watching TV

    "Hey, get out of my way! I'm watching TV!" ...I think I interupted his favorite TV show on Animal Planet :)
  5. What? Dinner's ready?

    What? Dinner's ready?

    getting kind of hungry...
  6. Loving the sun

    Loving the sun

    enjoying the sun, playing in the yard :)
  7. I'm tired!

    I'm tired!

    resting up on the way home from the vet.
  8. Yeah, they are standing up!

    Yeah, they are standing up!

    First picture after last ear posting. Only after two posting, they are standing up. Taken right after leaving the vet.
  9. Wiry Haired

    Wiry Haired

    Jersey in the mud room, looking for Dad to come in.
  10. my favorite chair

    my favorite chair

    I love stealing my Dads chair
  11. Where's Mommy?

    Where's Mommy?

    Standing at the window waiting for mommy!!
  12. Now,where did that cat go!!!

    Now,where did that cat go!!!