1. Silver female boxer 12 years 9 months w/ Mast cell

    Silver female boxer 12 years 9 months w/ Mast cell

    My beautiful spoiled almost 13 year old fawn boxer....with Mast cell cancer that was diagnosed almost 2 1/2 years ago... we chose to not treat her and you can see the tumor on her back hind leg in this picture...
  2. We love water Kongs

    We love water Kongs

    These to boxer buds are priceless!! Jersey is the one in the front they are so much alike they even have to wear their ears the same style didn't you know? This season it's the latest style for natural eared boxers to wear on back and one forward it's supposibly all the rage *lol* Jersey 6...
  3. "Mom he's still doing it!!"

    "Mom he's still doing it!!"

    Jersey pouting because daddy snores to loud, If only he knew what he sounds like when he snores.
  4. Where's the ladies at?

    Where's the ladies at?

    Jersey at 5 months.
  5. The boxer 500 run

    The boxer 500 run

    Jersey looks like he is about to take off for flight with them flapping ears *lol*
  6. Potty time!!

    Potty time!!

    "But I don't want to go while you are taking pictures MOM!"
  7. Sleeping Buffy Head

    Sleeping Buffy Head

    This is our rescue Buffie who as you can tell, has no problem fitting in and being comfortable in this house!
  8. I love you Mom! - Saint

    I love you Mom! - Saint

  9. I own this couch...

    I own this couch...

    Scrapper sometimes lets us sit on the other end.
  10. Chewy in HIS chair

    Chewy in HIS chair

    Chewy LOVES this chair.
  11. No, that's OUR bed!

    No, that's OUR bed!

    Chewy thinks that he can sleep in our bed. Well, sometimes he does! Ok, we spoil him from time to time. What can we say?
  12. A Spoiled Ricky

    A Spoiled Ricky

    "I'm not spoiled, mom. . .". I didn't have the heart to move him! Ricky is comfy on my freshly changed sheets!