1. Ricky's GROUP 4 Win!

    Ricky's GROUP 4 Win!

    Von Schmidt's Jamaica Spice, "Ricky" wins BW/BB/Group 4 at the Mesilla Valley K. C. October 4, 02. Judge: Dr. J. Donald Jones, PhD. Presented by Clint Livingston.
  2. This is my favorite picture of Spice. Isn't she lovely?
  3. Peanut and Spice

    Peanut and Spice

    This is Peanut and Spice's first meeting. For Peanut it was love at first sniff.
  4. Spice


    This is a Picture of Spice on her first day with us.
  5. Profile of Ricky

    Profile of Ricky

    Ricky's profile "caught" while sitting out in the back yard with him.
  6. Nosy Ricky

    Nosy Ricky

    Nosy Ricky