1. I'm so pitiful!

    I'm so pitiful!

    Look at that pitiful face!
  2. Pretty Girl

    Pretty Girl

    What a pretty girl our baby is! Look at that face!
  3. Duchess & Sam

    Duchess & Sam

    It's rare to find Sam anywhere near Duchess...OK...I admit it! I threw her up there, and she stayed just long enough for the pic. :o)
  4. Gimme a Kiss!

    Gimme a Kiss!

    Look at that face!
  5. Wrestling With the Baby!

    Wrestling With the Baby!

    This was taken the morning after my sister's wedding. Our in-law's stayed the night, hence the mattress in the floor. Anyway, Duchess got to play with my nephew, Jayden. She's soooo good with babies & kids! Here, Jayden had just kinda fallen over on Duchess, and she just rolled over. :)
  6. Boat Ride!

    Boat Ride!

    We went for a ride around the lake on the 4th. Duchess had a great time! Here she is with one of my dad's good friends, enjoying the ride.
  7. Duchess & Beldar

    Duchess & Beldar

    Here's Duchess with Beldar, our shoe cat. If there's shoes on the floor, you can be Beldar is draped across them. This picture was taken July 17, 2002.
  8. Duchess at the Lake

    Duchess at the Lake

    Here's another shot taken the day Duchess took me for a ride down those pine needles on my stomach!
  9. Sliding!


    This was taken the day of the infamous "pine needle surfing" incident. ~LOL~ It was her first time to slide!
  10. Me and Duchess

    Me and Duchess

    Here I am with our baby!
  11. Sketch of Duchess

    Sketch of Duchess

    I was very inspired (bored) last night, so I decided to get back to an old hobby of mine--drawing. What do you think? I normally do still-life things but I wanted to try our puppy!
  12. What?


    "What???" Duchess kills me when she's playing with her toys...if you get her attention, she'll just stop and look at you with whatever she has hanging out of her mouth. LOL
  13. Sleepy Time

    Sleepy Time

    Duchess and I had nappy time. (I was at the other end of the sofa.) Doesn't she look cozy?
  14. Duchess with Hubby

    Duchess with Hubby

    Duchess loves to sit next to her dadddy!
  15. Monster Dog!

    Monster Dog!

    It's hilarious when Duchess lays upside-down and her lips flap out...especially if you turn upside down with her! ~LOL~
  16. What's out there?

    What's out there?

    See that pile of lumber outside? That's what's left to be put up of our privacy fence! :o)
  17. A Thing For Shoes!

    A Thing For Shoes!

    My cat, Beldar, has a thing for shoes. I can't count how many pictures I have of him lounging on or even in a pair of our shoes. It's so funny!
  18. Samantha Relaxing

    Samantha Relaxing

    This is my baby, Sam, in one of her spots. She loves to perch on top of things. Isn't she beautiful?
  19. Duchess On Vacation

    Duchess On Vacation

    We took Duchess with us to the Smoky Mountains a couple of weeks ago. She had such a great time at our cabin. Here she is checking out everything from the porch.
  20. Spoiled Puppy

    Spoiled Puppy

    Up until we took Duchess with us to the Smoky Mountains, she was never allowed on the furniture. If you can't tell by the picture, she got just a little bit more spoiled while we were there!