1. Speed Demon Sonji

    Speed Demon Sonji

    Sonji sitting in a 66 Vette vintage raceer
  2. Birthday Girl

    Birthday Girl

    My big girl
  3. Monkey Jump

    Monkey Jump

    It's Mine! No! It's Mine! No! Mine!
  4. Birthday Balloon

    Birthday Balloon

    My birthday balloon
  5. Big Girl Ears

    Big Girl Ears

    I think we're finally done posting
  6. Sonji after her showing

    Sonji after her showing

    Sonji cooling down after her turn in the show ring.
  7. Sonji


    Sonji relieved to have her tierra off, next step stitches out and Posting.
  8. Round 1

    Round 1

    Sonji takes the first round
  9. Sonji and Cash

    Sonji and Cash

    Getting to be best friends
  10. Sonji's Tierra

    Sonji's Tierra

    The Princess recieving kisses with her tierra on
  11. Sonji Voodoo Princess

    Sonji Voodoo Princess

    Sonji at 12 weeks, a few minutes before she looses her ears.