1. Zzzzzzzzz....


    All that playing makes me so tired, I just want to sleep...
  2. Couch2


    More couch shots.. We have dozens of these
  3. Siblings


    Dogzilla and his young sister, Fiona.
  4. What Kobe Does Best

    What Kobe Does Best

    This is Kobe. He's an international boxer based in Shanghai, China because his mommy is American and daddy is Australian and both work in Shanghai. Kobe understands both English and Chinese!
  5. puppy love?

    puppy love?

    Lizzie protested about her crate so much that we gave up and now let her sleep in bed with us. She has found her favorite bed buddy is Jasmine, our cat. They're inseperable!!
  6. All tuckered Out

    All tuckered Out

    What a day
  7. It's been a long day!

    It's been a long day!

    Zack at 8 weeks - he was only 10.5 pounds!
  8. Ruby Snoozin'

    Ruby Snoozin'

  9. Petie Sleeping

    Petie Sleeping

    Petie at 6 weeks
  10. Higgins and Master sleeping

    Higgins and Master sleeping

    Higgins and his master sleeping and ... yes... snoring alternately.
  11. Don't bother me - I'm getting my beauty sleep

    Don't bother me - I'm getting my beauty sleep

    Higgins, NOT liking that I am disturbing his beauty rest.
  12. This is what I do best.

    This is what I do best.

    Thankfully she takes frequent naps to let us rest.
  13. up close

    up close

    Tyler sleeping.
  14. Snoozing in the car

    Snoozing in the car

    Buster loves road trips! Here he is snoozing on our way home, all wiped out after a day at his grandparents' house.
  15. Let sleeping dogs lie!

    Let sleeping dogs lie!

    (Pete might kill me for this one..but they are all very happy!)
  16. Couch hog!

    Couch hog!

    Mom, why'd you have to wake me up?!
  17. asleep at last....

    asleep at last....

    After a day of going crazy...she finally sleeps!!
  18. Naptime


    Mahlon snoozes on the way back to MA from PA... Long drive!
  19. Napping


    Here's Mahlon napping in the car when we picked him up... only 8 weeks old!
  20. Brandi under blanket

    Brandi under blanket

    Brandi in her usual position