1. my buddy Mater

    my buddy Mater

    Hes a good boy!!
  2. Nala & Mama

    Nala & Mama

    "No more sliding on the floor, hmmm... I wonder... oh, it's you Mama!"
  3. Is that camera edible?

    Is that camera edible?

    Hard to get a picture, the camera was WAY too interesting!
  4. Can we PLEASE play now?!!

    Can we PLEASE play now?!!

    A lone still moment
  5. His Lookout Point

    His Lookout Point

    Sometimes when it's quiet in the house we'll find him just sitting there checkin' out what's going on...very cute!
  6. scooby's first day home

    scooby's first day home

    This was Scooby's first day home. He is here just sitting up in the kitchen chillin.
  7. Wilson looking gorgeous.

    Wilson looking gorgeous.

    A face just for kissing. *smooch*!
  8. Watching the people walk by
  9. Jase- 18 Months

    Jase- 18 Months

  10. Sitting still for a photo!

    Sitting still for a photo!

    We actually got him to sit still for a picture!
  11. Sitting


    So now Im sitting, do I gt a treat?
  12. Got Sat On

    Got Sat On

    Rusty sitting on my niece
  13. Sam


    Sam, Sitting Pretty
  14. Don't tell mommy!

    Don't tell mommy!

    Titan on the couch again.
  15. Caught in mid-yawn

    Caught in mid-yawn

    Mocha takes one last yawn before her nap
  16. Mocha posing

    Mocha posing

    Mocha decides to strike a pose
  17. Can I move now?

    Can I move now?

    Popeye is sitting in the livingroom being very patient as his picture is taken. (May 2002)
  18. getting tired(14 weeks old)

    getting tired(14 weeks old)

    I am getting really tired of all these pictures today mom
  19. Sit still Elmo!

    Sit still Elmo!

    Elmo sitting patiently while I take his pic.
  20. Kacee


    Our CRAZY boxer!